The Early Beginnings

It all started in April 2012, on a Saturday evening. A close friend of ours asked us if we could help find a skilled mobile application developer. What was seemingly a straightforward task, turned out to be a hard nut to crack. We spent months interviewing scores of people, only to realise that there was a widespread lack of half-decent mobile app developers.

We decided to change this. With our vast experience and expertise in IT, we opened an IT training factory, with mobility at its core. This was when Mobignosis came to life.


Launch of MobiGnosis Technology

With the keen intention of providing quality Mobility Solutions, MobiGnosis launched its very own software development vertical in the year 2013. This followed with an opportunity presented to us by one of our earliest clients – EffOne Technologies. From here on, we went knee-deep into our journey.

We opened up our first office on June 1, 2013 at JP Nagar, Bengaluru. Since then, we’ve had one rollercoaster of a ride! We’ve handled many achievements and failures and have learnt and unlearnt a lot. All in all, we were building a solid reputation of creating mobility solutions of the highest grade of quality.


End of struggles as we entered our “growth phase”

By now, we had been racking up clients. Our expertise and experience in software development allowed us to add value to the products and solutions that we created. While we had already developed several mobility solutions, we were still waiting for our big breakthrough.

And this is when it all happened! A Singapore based client provided us the opportunity to conceptualise and build a “Learning Management System”. The product was targeted towards creating an engaging Learning mobile environment for children. This system would make children aware of and help extract knowledge from their surroundings, rather than sitting within the walls of classrooms and following conventional methods of learning.

From there on, it has really been a joyous ride for MobiGnosis. We have since built a variety of mobile apps for several clients, spanning multiple business verticals. Our apps have been used in healthcare, medical e-commerce, social media, entertainment, e-commerce, reporting tools, Augmented Reality and several other industries.

With sales volumes kicking in, we decided to open up a second office. In June 2015, the MobiGnosis Sales and Marketing office was opened in Delhi. Given that we were already working with several global clients, we set up another sales office in Pittsburgh (USA) to complement our global sales.


Working with Big names and Start-ups alike

Mobignosis was rebranded into mVerve. While we certainly have made our mark working with big corporate clients from all over the globe, another unique aspect of the mVerve clientele includes Start-ups. We take immense pride in working with start-ups as their requirements are almost always fluid and challenging to say the least.

Our attitude of taking ownership of our clients’ problems as our own has allowed us to create great working partnerships. We simply love the idea of working with with all the challenges and hurdles to overcome that it brings along.

A couple of notable examples include Achira Labs, Learnito and GoPharma. We designed and developed a cutting-edge Android tablet app for Achira Labs, Bengaluru. This app was created to support the company’s world class diagnostic reporting capabilities.

We developed an education management app for Learnito, Inc. The mission of this app is to make online learning both easy and exciting.

GoPharma enables users can connect to their local neighbourhood pharmacy shops, place orders and schedule deliveries on a weekly/monthly basis.


Brad Gill

Zway & The Bar App

mVerve guided me through the application process and help fill in any gaps in logic themselves without explicitly being told what to do as there are always going to be unforeseen variables and complications.

They not only created an app that had the main features that I wanted, but they also made it fun and usable and interjected a creative element to it that sets them apart from other agencies I've worked with. The communication was also very thorough and while some things may take longer than anticipated, they wilfully tackled the hardest elements without complaint and solved issues that came from pushing the envelope in terms of new technologies and solutions rather than taking a cookie cutter approach. Again, they were very creative along with being technically skilled and I would recommend them to anyone for their development needs.