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Industry : Insurance

NTUC Income Launches Mobile-Enabled Lead Management System (LMS) to Improve Sales Productivity

Business Challenge

In Search of a Better Lead Management Solution

NTUC Income, a leading composite insurer in Singapore, wanted to improve its sales team productivity by providing an easy-to-use, intuitive, mobile-compatible Lead Management System (LMS). The company wanted a reliable and efficient LMS to gain insights into the sales pipeline to facilitate interventions for overall sales productivity improvements.


mVerve Simplifies Lead Management for NTUC Sales Team

During the planning and requirement phase, mVerve worked closely with NTUC Income to understand the project’s scope. The mobile application should enable agents and managers in the sales team to collaborate efficiently. At the same time, the solution needed to help C-Suite gain visibility into the sales processes. From the initial discussions, the NTUC Income LMS had to incorporate the following features:

Login & Role Management

Dashboard Analytics

Call & Appointment

Notification & Reminder

Lead Management

Once mVerve understood the requirements for the application, the next phase was to design the deployment architecture.

Deployment Architecture

After the deployment architecture was in place, mVerve started developing user interactions for agents and managers.

Both agents and managers can log in to the system using SSO (Single Sign-On) authenticated against NTUC Income’s AD/LDAP.
The agent Home Screen has Dashboard, Campaigns, Schedule, Deadline, and Search buttons at the bottom of the screen. The agent dashboard provides performance metrics for various assigned campaigns.
Agents can schedule, check deadlines, and search for leads
The search option provides filters to make the process faster. They can find leads in specific categories
The manager’s Home Screen has Campaign and Agents buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Managers can either navigate by campaigns like the agents or look into the performance of individual agents.
Contact mVerve to find out more about the Lead Management System (LMS).


Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive user experience (UX) reduced transition time to the new system.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Improved productivity of sales team due to optimized LMS solution.

Maximized Revenue

Maximized Revenue

Maximized revenue generation opportunities for the whole organization.
The new and improved LMS mobile app has increased sales managers and agents to cooperate more effectively. Managers can track progress and roadblocks easily. Agents can operate more efficiently due to faster access to campaign and lead generation data. mVerve has developed a mobile-first Lead Management System to empower NTUC Income’s Sales Team to improve operations, work more collaboratively, and produce results faster.

How mVerve can help kickstart your Digital Transformation Journey

mVerve helps Enterprises develop Web and mobile applications that meets your business needs.

Our in-house Software Engineering team of Solution Architects, Developers, and Business Analysts with experience in the manufacturing, health-care and fintech verticals works to create high-quality digital products. In addition, our UI/UX and Quality Assurance teams will ensure your solutions will meet the highest standards for design & quality excellence.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at or by phone using the numbers provided.
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I have worked with mVerve on some of my projects and have found them to be professional and deliver results. I look forward to many more collaborations with them and would recommend to anyone looking for a trusted partner.
– Skanda Adiga
Founder of InnvoReality

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