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UX Design

Great mobile app design lies at the heart of great user experiences. We understand this and create beautiful and engaging designs, matched by intuitive and innovative interfaces.

App Development

Expertise in developing apps for Android, iOS and Responsive Web. Our diverse technology skill sets ensure that our apps drive immersive mobile experiences.

Software Security Solutions

What is Software Security? It is the idea of engineering software in such a way that the software continues to function correctly even under malicious attack and other hacker risks.

Futuristic Technologies

Technologies that are just beginning to break out of an emerging state and stand to have substantial disruptive potential across industries such as Smart-location Tracking devices, Augmented Reality & Chatbots.

Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses do not like working with Static reports, they become stale and outdated easily. We can turn your business into a rich data driven entity with interactive data visualization tools, thereby adding a lot of meaning to these reports.

Software Testing

Our QA experts put applications through the wringer to root out bugs, poor performance and funky interface issues. For example - stress, performance, functional, scalability, load, user acceptance tests - at different stages of SDLC.

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At mVerve, we eat, sleep and breathe mobile. Our design and development experts are highly proficient in creating polished mobile apps for iOS, Android and Responsive Web. Thanks to our hands-on experience with the latest technologies, we have helped create several successful apps for our clients that have helped them realise their business goals.

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